Instill Healthy Brushing Habits

If you have been struggling to get your child to brush their teeth after each meal, purchase some educational materials that are kid-friendly. Children's books that help them want to brush their teeth may serve the purpose of reminding your loved one about the importance of a healthy brushing routine.

A Book That Educates

You have likely verbalized the health benefits associated with dental checkups and tooth brushing sessions, but this may not necessarily mean that the information has been absorbed by your child.

Pictures that coincide with key words or phrases that are geared toward your loved one's age and comprehension level may have a larger impact than the information that you have relayed. Children's books that teach good oral hygiene skills may feature a fictional character or a real-life person with whom your loved one is familiar with.

Throughout the pages of a book, your child may learn about the dangers associated with eating an abundance of sugary snacks, the proper manner in which to hold and move their toothbrush, how to floss, and the amount of time that should be dedicated each day to healthy oral hygiene practices. Sit down and look through the book with your child. If the book contains a few words that your child can sound out and read aloud, encourage them to do so, while you listen.

Some Props And Follow-Up Materials

Using props along with a guided reading session will help your child grasp the educational material that is being introduced. Use a tray of healthy and unhealthy snacks, a toothbrush, and stuffed toys to demonstrate various points that have been stated within a hygiene book.

Use the food items during an activity that involves identifying items that could potentially contribute to tooth decay more often than some of the other food items. Tell your child that it is okay to enjoy sugary snacks on occasion, but that brushing their teeth should be completed soon afterward. Discuss the brushing techniques that were portrayed within the book.

Ask your child to demonstrate how to hold a toothbrush and the proper way to move it across each tooth. Allow them to hold onto one of the stuffed animals and to practice the brushing techniques on the toy. If your child is receptive to the educational material that is in the hygiene book and they enjoyed the storyline that was presented, shop around for alternate reading materials that feature the same character. 

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