How To Help Your Child Make Friends At Daycare

Daycare can be one of the best decisions that you make for your child's development and education. Although you may worry at first when it comes to leaving your child in a new setting for the first time, take heart in the fact that daycare services are healthy for kids. The biggest determining factor in whether your child enjoys daycare, and therefore gets the most out of it, is whether they make friends and fit in. Help them make friends and get started on the right foot for their daycare experience.

Teach Vital Friendship Skills

The caregivers at the daycare services you have chosen are likely experienced in teaching kids all about friendship skills. However, if you start teaching these things at home, it will be that much easier for your child to grasp them and make friends early in the year of daycare. Talk to your child about listening when other kids talk, sharing their toys, and doing nice gestures like trying to cheer up someone with a frown.

Encourage Your Child to Invite Kids Over

One of the easiest ways for a young child to make friends is to simply have a playdate. You may try to coordinate this with other parents in the class, but encourage your child to invite kids over on a certain weekend. Your child will feel empowered, and this will help them develop the confidence to invite friends over as they get a bit older. Let your child know that it's okay to invite a classmate over when they want to start a friendship.

Caution Against Bullying

Most kids are not natural bullies, but many develop bullying habits when they get frustrated or feel like an outsider. Be sure that your child starts socialization in daycare out on the right foot by making sure that they know how to respond when a child is mean to others. Explain that one should never join in the group if other kids are mocking someone, and teach your child the importance of reaching out to a kid who may be lonely.

Finally, keep in mind that the caregivers at the child care services you choose will be trying to help facilitate socialization among the children. By giving your child an extra boost of confidence and easy-to-follow instructions, you are empowering your child to lead the way in friendships and make decisions that will help make daycare a blissful place to be. 

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