3 Tips To Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear Of Water

Does your child have a paralyzing fear of getting in the water? A child's fear of water can be frustrating for you and for them. They may feel like they're missing out as their friends or family enjoy some time in the pool. You probably would rather be in the water than on the sidelines with your frightened child. A fear of the water is common for many children, especially very young kids. The good news is there are steps you can take to help them overcome this fear. Below are three tips to help you help them with their fear:

Get their face wet. Many children are  mainly afraid of what will happen when their face gets wet or when their entire head goes underwater. To keep their face dry, they stay out of the water altogether. You may want to expose them to situations where they can practice getting their face wet. Have water gun fights at home. Set up a sprinkler and take turns running through it. You can also get them some goggles and have them practice putting their face in the water in the bathtub.

At the pool, scoop up some water in your hands and have them blow bubbles in it. The more experience they get with water on their face, the more comfortable they'll be with the idea of getting in the pool.

Temporarily use water aids. There are numerous floating aids you can use to help your child feel more secure in the water. They include water wings, kickboards, life jackets, floating noodles, and more. If these will get your child in the water, then they're worth using. However, you don't want your child to become dependent on them. Temporarily use these aids so your child can become comfortable with the water and can learn the basics of kicking and using their arms to support themselves. Then provide rewards and encouragement for weaning themselves off the aids. Offer a prize for getting in the shallow end without their aid or swimming the width of the pool without it. That will help them gain confidence and independence.

Get swimming lessons. Want a fast track to becoming a confident swimmer? Sign your child up for lessons with an experienced swimming lessons teacher. Explain to the teacher that your child is a little nervous and needs some help getting confident in the pool. The teacher will know how to take your child through progressive steps to become more confident and less fearful. After several lessons, you will likely see a significant improvement in your child's ability.

For more information, contact a swimming teacher in your area. They can help your child overcome their fear.

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