Want To Work In A Daycare? 4 Things You Should Know

If you are good with children and would like to work in a daycare, this can be a great job for you. However, you should know what you can expect, because it will not be all about having fun and playing games. Below are some things you should know before you start applying for jobs in daycares in your area.

First Aid and CPR

You should learn how to do CPR before you start working at a daycare center. Depending upon the state you live in, this may be a requirement.  To find this information, contact your local Department of Health Services (DHS).  They can also tell you where you can get certified.

You also need to know standard first aid, just in case a child is hurt while you are watching them.  The daycare provider can tell you where you can get first aid training, or you can ask the DHS office.

You Will Not Be Paid a Lot

The average wage for working in a daycare is $9.98 per hour, no matter how much experience you have. However, there are many career paths this position can lead you to. For example, it may motivate you to become an elementary school teacher, or to even own your own daycare, where you will make much more money.

You Will Get Attached

You will be spending many hours per day with most of the children at the daycare, so you should expect that you will become attached to them. You may become even more attached to a few of them. It can be very hard on you when these children leave the daycare, because they are old enough to start school or for other reasons.

Strong Immune System

Start a vitamin regime before you start working at preschools in your area to build up your immune system. Talk to your doctor about the best vitamins you should take. Children get sick and they carry a lot of germs. Because you will be touching the children, as well as touching the things they touch, you will be around a lot of viruses and infections.

Working in a daycare can be very rewarding, and you will feel joy when you see a child grow and learn because of you. Look at different types of daycares in your area to see what is best for you. For example, you may want to work in a home daycare or a larger daycare center.

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