Summer Fun Painting Activities To Do With Your Preschooler

If you have a preschool age child, you probably already know how much they love to paint. Take advantage of the great weather and the free time you have with your child this summer to do some painting. In order to minimize the mess, you can easily do all of these painting activities outside. 

Marble Painting 

If you have a paint tray, add a different color paint to each slot. If you don't have a paint tray, you can make one using an old egg carton.  

You are going to need a marble for each color of paint that you have. Allow your child to drop the marbles into the paint, and use a spoon or their fingers to roll around the marble in the paint. 

Next, have your child put a piece of paper inside of a box. Then, have them scoop up a marble and drop it in the box. Let them shake the box a couple times, then remove the marble. Your child can drop the marble back in the paint, and reuse the same color, or they can use a different colored marble and paint. 

Repeat with different colored marbles until your child is satisfied and happy with their rainbow marble painting.

Tissue Paper Painting

For this activity, you'll need a variety of colors of tissue paper cut up into smaller shapes, construction paper, glue, paint and a paint brush.

First, have your child glue down the different shapes of tissue paper all over the light brown or white construction paper. Encourage your child to get creative as they glue down the tissue paper. Once the tissue paper is all glued down to the construction paper, let your child paint on top of the tissue paper. Your child will love discovering how the colors on the tissue paper change as they add paint, and how some of the color bleeds through to the construction paper behind it. 

Finger Painting The Sidewalk

Instead of using chalk, let your child decorate your sidewalk with washable finger paint. Let your child play with and explore how the sidewalk responds to the finger paint. Ask your child how it feels different from painting on paper. 

You can leave their paintings on the sidewalk for a few days. When your child is ready to paint the sidewalk again, all you have to do is rinse away the paint. 

It's no secret that preschoolers love paint; it is a great sensory experience. While your preschooler is home with you this summer, try out at least one of the fun painting activities listed above. Your child will enjoy getting to be creative and using paint with you. 

When it is time to send your child back to school, look for a preschool that focuses on similar kinds of sensory experiences, like Sammamish Montessori School.

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